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Reut Ashkenazy is a graphic designer and AD based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She graduated from Shenkar, the College for Engineering and Design in 2009, and holds a B. Design degree in Visual Communication. 

Reut opened the design studio boutique in 2010, which specialises in the following:
1. Branding and print design: visual identity, logo design, packaging, posters, fonts and illustrations. 
2. Interactive design: Website design: portfolio and commercial sites. 
3. Art direction and production: Concept development, casting, production, Art and styling on the set, and design. 

The studio works with a wide range of global clients, many within the fashion and cultural industry. Among the studio clients you can find Adidas AG (Germany), Adidas (Israel), Mark Betty Publishing (USA), PayPro Global (Canada) and more.

"I enjoy learning and want to become the best at what I do. I am also a perfectionist; my attention to details is impeccable, my desire to discover is unique and my dedication is such that what I do becomes my life. And I enjoy it".

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